We Are Dador

Dador is the creative vision of Cuban designers Lauren Fajardo, Ilse Antón and Raquel Janero. College friends, Lauren, Ilse and Raquel founded Dador in 2018 with the mission to bring to life a forward thinking Cuban brand centered around their biggest passions: fashion, art and travel.
Born and raised in Havana, they felt strongly about paying homage to their home.
“We are inspired and propelled by the everyday contrasts that set our hometown apart. A cityscape, magical, lost in time, full of life, surrounded by crumbling nostalgia, all within the endless summer and the light that vibrates against the city walls.”

The Dador aesthetic and lifestyle captures the essence of the modern day Havana. Inspired by the founders’ biggest passions, fashion, art and travel, our limited edition, timeless designs are a mix of sophisticated simplicity with a laidback island vibe, that can be effortlessly worn from day to night. From the streets of Havana to NYC, Dador designs are suitable for all world travels.  

Our logo: A hot air balloon in constant motion, forward thinking, as we journey towards the horizon of new experiences while always remaining grounded, anchored to our roots.

Our Mission

We know where our clothes come from!

Dador means Giver. Creator. Dador is our natural way of giving back, of adding our grain of sand and carving our footprint. We’re focused on defining a new aesthetic that represents the modern Cuba.
At Dador, we focus on conscious, forward thinking design practices that create a desire and demand for high quality products. This includes an intentional approach to design, patternmaking, prototype, cutting, sewing, and sales.

Dador is a creative space where fashion, art and design merge with the perfect balance of craftsmanship and small-scale industrialization. This gives our products a high level of sophistication, cultural value and identity.

Our designs are made using high quality natural fabrics like cotton and linen. The breathability and durability of linen fabric make it ideal for our tropical climate and is our favorite. Linen wrinkles, it’s ok! We make limited edition designs which gives us a zero waste margin, while also adding one-of-a-kind value to our pieces.

Dador has established itself as part of the new wave of Cuban design, a forward looking brand using creative thinking and sustainable practices to build a loyal customer base and create quality products.


As a women owned business, we pride ourselves in breaking gender barriers and stereotypes. We support and empower a growing community of women entrepreneurs by forging long lasting relationships and collaborations. We support initiatives and projects that create inclusive social and cultural awareness.
We strive for our gender inclusive designs to work for all genders and body types. Wear what you love and what makes you feel good!


We know standardized sizing does not fit all bodies. Try made-to-order instead!

The fast fashion industry and mass consumption have a devastating impact on the environment. Standardized sizing creates a negative body image and self-consciousness. Your clothes should feel like your second skin and should be made to fit your body, not the other way around.

Find the right fit, not your size!

Reach out to us. We will work with you to find the best look and fit for you.