We Are Dador


about us

All our garments are handcrafted using natural fabrics and locally made in our studio in Habana Vieja. Our limited edition statement pieces are a mix of sophisticated simplicity with a laid-back island vibe that captures the essence of the modern Habana style.


We are a community of artists and designers who share a common vision, passion and interests.


We are working closely with our community to bring our voices and ideas to life.


We cultivate our own aesthetic as we strive to create thoughtfully designed, well-crafted, comfortable everyday garments that are effortlessly worn from day to night.


The Founders

DADOR is the creative vision of Cuban designer Lauren Fajardo, Cuban visual artist Ilse Antón and Cuban designer Raquel Janero. After growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of brands, stores and places that reflected their design and lifestyle aesthetic in Havana, Cuba, Lauren, Ilse and Raquel teamed up with the mission to bring to life a forward thinking Cuban lifestyle fashion brand centered around their biggest passions, FASHION, ART and DESIGN.



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Brand Values

As a women owned business, we pride ourselves in breaking gender barriers and stereotypes. We support and empower a growing community of women entrepreneurs by forging long lasting relationships and collaborations. We support initiatives and projects that create inclusive social and cultural awareness.
We strive for our gender inclusive designs to work for all genders and body types. Wear what you love and what makes you feel good!

Slow fashion

Forward thinking